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Friday, January 15, 2021

Irish Government Admits: COVID-19 Does NOT Exist

[Source] After months of painstaking freedom of information law requests the government of Ireland has finally come clean and admitted that it has no scientific proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) exists. Which other nations are going to be next and admit this pandemic was a scam? 

AS PART OF OUR LEGAL ACTION we had been demanding the evidence that this virus actually exists [as well as] evidence that lockdowns actually have any impact on the spread of viruses; that face-masks are safe, and do deter the spread of viruses – They don’t. No such studies exist; that social distancing is based in science – It isn’t. it’s made up; that contact tracing has any bearing on the spread of a virus – of course it doesn’t. This organisation here – is making it up as they go along.” – Gemma O’Doherty

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