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Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Lost History of Earth - FULL Documentary (5 hours)

VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENT: Biden Seizes Press Web Sites

9 Trips the Emergency Room - Severe Adverse Reactions To The Pfizer Vaccine - Lady Tells Her Story

Doctors are nervous and scared about speaking out against the vaccine

No flags flying at the Pentagon?

Moderna Representative says they are aware of the problems and we are part of an experiment

45-year-old bartender says "shut the hell up and get your Covid vaccine" dies 5 weeks after 2nd dose

Star Forts Are Really Star Cities - Book from 1729

Snopes 🤡 Fact-Check: Pilots Did NOT Die From COVID Vaccine

Was John McAfee Suicided?

Trans Athlete To Compete in Women’s Weightlifting at Olympics! Is It Fair?